Deanne Cheuk


The piece displayed above may not be included in the exhibition.

New York-based artist and designer Deanne Cheuk works predominantly on paper with charcoal or watercolor. Her artwork touches on nature, utopia, space, and being, and it often distorts realistic representation into fantasy.

Cheuk was born in Perth, Western Australia. She graduated with a BA in Graphic Design from Curtin University at the age of nineteen, and during the same year, she landed her first design job as the art director for one of only two magazines that were produced in Perth.

In 2000, Cheuk relocated to New York and taught herself illustration. Commercial commissions soon followed. Her first solo show was in 2004, the same year that she released her monograph, Mushroom Girls Virus. Cheuk’s art has been exhibited around the world, most recently in London, New York, and California.

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